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24 August to 1 September 2009

Energies in various forms are indispensable for sustaining human life and pursuing development. Consumption of energy resources worldwide has increased conspicuously in the past decades along with economic growth and population increase, for which exhaustible fossil fuel resources are occupying majority of consumption. Such mass consumption has resulted in serious environmental impacts represented by emission of greenhouse gases.

Energy efficiency is the cheapest, fastest and smartest strategy available for saving money and resources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions around the world. To provide energy security and to preserve the environment for future generations, it is essential to be knowledgeable about state-of-the-art technologies in effective measures for energy conservation.

The Training Course is intended to:
+ Inform trends in energy demands and impacts on the environment,
+ Understand representative energy conservation and application technologies thereof,
+ Understand utilization technologies of unused energies in the systems,
+ Describe Life Cycle Assessment on energies for environmental evaluation,
+ Study Kyoto Protocol and Clean Development Mechanism and its implementation, and
+ Secure sound perspectives on sustainability.

Target Participants.
The Training Course is designed for mechanical, industrial, electrical, environmental, chemical and other engineers engaged in energy related tasks. Interested individuals from industrial sectors, consulting firms and public establishments are encouraged to apply.

Topics covered:
  ** Trends in Energy Demands and Impacts on Environment,
  ** Respective energy properties and conversions,
  ** Compendium on Energy Conservation,
  ** Overview on renewable energies,
  ** Energy Saving in Operation of Fluid Machinery,
  ** Waste Heat Recovery Technology and Applications,
  ** Utilization of Unused Energies in typical end uses,
  ** Applications of Organic Wastes as Energy,
  ** Energy savings in typical end uses,
  ** Life Cycle Assessment on energies,
  ** Kyoto Protocol and Clean Development Mechanism,
  ** Approaches to sustainability, and
  ** Case studies and site visits.

Course methodology:
The training course comprises of lectures in English, case studies and workshops, video presentation, country reports and site visits to energy related facilities.

To participate in this course, the applicant should take into account his/her academic qualifications, professional experience and likely benefit of the course to the applicant and affiliated organization. Proficiency in English language is essential.

Limited numbers of scholarships are available from the Association and the Fund. The scholarship covers tuition fee, international travel to and from the city, accommodation for foreigners, subsistence allowance and medical care for minor ailments.

The scholarships will be awarded to nominated trainees selected by the Steering Committee consisting of implementing bodies. In the event that a nominee is accepted for the scholarship, he/she will be notified accordingly.


Date: Thu, 16 Jul 2009 15:53:42 +0700

Dear All Malaysian Candidates (Mr Soh Beng Hock),

We are pleased to inform you that, in the meeting of 15 July 2009, the Committee has recommended you for a fellowship to participate in the above-mentioned training course to be held at the Thailand from 22 August- 1 September 2009. The fellowship covers:

1. Tuition fee, training materials and transportation for field trips,

2. Prepaid round-trip air-tickets from your capital city or an international airport to Thailand. The ticket will be bought by our side.

3. Free accommodation for the period from 23 August � 1 September 2009.

4. Daily subsistence allowance for 9 days.

Any other expenses, including travel tax, should be borne by your office or yourself.

Please note that on 1 September 2009 you are expected to present a 15-minute country report related to "Effective Measures for Energy Conservation" in your country and your involvement in such activities. Outline of the report is attached. Please be prepared for sharing your experiences with others in the training sessions. The format for country report will be sent to you later.

Please fax or send email to me before 24 July 2009 to confirm your acceptance of the fellowship. Kindly include your contact e-mail address, fax and telephone numbers as well as mailing address in the confirmation letter for our future communication.

We look forward to welcoming you to Thailand.

Yours sincerely,
Senior Program Officer 

# 1节能 




+ 通知趋势能源需求和对环境的影响,
+ 了解代表和应用节能技术时,
+ 了解利用技术的未使用的能源中的系统,
+ 描述生命周期评价能源环境评价,
+ 研究京都议定书和清洁发展机制及其执行情况,并
+ 安全无害的观点可持续性。








日期: Thu , 09年7月16号15时53分42秒0700

亲爱的马来西亚考生(苏先生崩福) ,


1 。学费,培训材料和交通运输的实地考察,

2 。预付来回机票从您的首都或一个国际机场到泰国。车票将收购我方。

3 。免费住宿期间从8月23日2009年9月1日。

4 。每日生活津贴为9天。



请传真或发送电子邮件给我2009年7月24日之前,确认您是否接受奖学金。请包括您的联系e - mail地址,传真和电话号码以及邮寄地址确认书为我们今后的沟通。