Grants (Malaysia and Singapore)

Grants are not Loans!

1* Malaysia Grants

What does the Malaysia Government offer in Grants?  Please note any associated conditions or special exception as some are only at 50% and some 100%.

1. RM3,000 for any Youth

2. RM150,000 for any ICT Projects

This programme addresses the funding gap at pre-seed stage and is expected to boost the development of commercially viable ICT projects and kick off a chain reaction in the creation of new local K-SMEs in ICT.

The targeted beneficiaries are local Technopreneurs. Only individuals are eligible to apply, not existing companies. The programme offers up to RM150K of conditional funding to develop viable business plans into commercially focused ICT projects with prototype and detailed business plans suitable for venture funding & commercialization. As a developmental programme, it is not a pure grant and recipients will also benefit from development, mentoring services and access to shared lab facilities.

3. RM50,000 (3 Times) RM150,000 for many Ideas

4. RM100,000 for new Business

  1. 8 types of Services Industry are qualified.
    1. Construction.
    2. Business and Professional Services.
    3. Education.
    4. Logistics.
    5. Information and Communication technology (ICT).
    6. Distributive Trade.
    7. Healthcare.
    8. Tourism.
  1. See checklist - serviceschecklist.pdf
  2. Any type of SME / SMI Manufacturing are qualified.
  3. Download Form (pending).
The grant is available for business in operation less than 12 months.
Eligible expenses:
  • Preperation of business plan.
  • Preparation of marketing plan.
  • Market feasibility studies.
  • Rental of business premise and related equipments up to 24 months.
  • Development of prototype/s (for construction and related activities only).
  • Purchase of machinery or office equipment.
  • One year broadband subscription fee (for ICT sector).

5. RM250,000 for ISO Projects

6. RM200,000 to buy new Production Machines

7. RM500,000 for Process Improvement

8. RM200,000 for Packaging Machines and Improvement

9. RM2.5 and RM1.0 Million for Bio-Tech Projects

10. RM17,500 - RM22,000 Intellectual property (IP) protection Grants

Intellectual property (IP) protection is essential for your company`s growth. Malaysia Government aims to assist you with the right funding to help you protect and capitalize on your company`s intellectual assets.

  • Category A: For applications to register a Patent or Utility Innovation (RM22,000 maximum).
  • Category B: For applications to register a Trade Mark, Service Mark or Industrial Design (RM17,500 maximum).
  • Download Form (pending)
  • 11. RM150,000 for Development and Promotion of Halal Products

    The Scheme provides matching grant for SMEs to develop and promote Halal products (food and non-food)

    Qualifying Criteria
    � Locally incorporated companies with at least 60% equity held by Malaysians 
    � Must not be listed on any stock exchange
    � Possess valid premise license

    Sector Coverage
    �  Manufacturing 
    �  Manufacturing Related Services (such as warehousing, bulk-breaking and packaging) 

    Form of Assistance
    Assistance is given in the form of a matching grant where 50% of the approved project cost is borne by the Government and the remainder by the applicant. For enterprises in the manufacturing sector*, incorporated under the Registration of Business Ordinance 1956, assistance is given up to 80% of the approved cost. The maximum grant allocated per application is RM150,000

    Eligible Expenses
    Expenses incurred in developing and promoting halal products, including:

    �  Product development & Product Formulation 
    �  Sample testing 
    �  Acquisition of machinery and equipment related to the approved project 
    �  Renovation expenditure for compliance to certification requirement 
    �  Other related costs for compliance to requirements of Halal certification. 
    �  Promotional activities 

    1 *马来西亚赠款

    是什么马来西亚政府提供的赠款?请注意任何相关条件或特殊例外,因为有些人只在50 % ,约100 % 。

    1 。令吉, 000任何青年
    2 。 150令吉, 000的任何信息和通信技术项目
    该方案涉及的资金缺口前的种子阶段,预计将促进商业上可行的发展信息和通信技术项目,并开始连锁反应在创造新的地方的K -中小型企业在信息和通信技术。

    有针对性的受益者是当地Technopreneurs 。只有个人有资格申请,而不是现有的公司。该方案可提供高达RM150K有条件的资金,以制定可行的商业计划纳入商业重点项目的信息和通信技术的原型和详细的业务计划适合于风险投资资金及商业化。作为一个发展方案,它不是一个单纯的给予者和接受者也将受益于发展,辅导服务和访问共享实验室设施。

    3 。 50令吉, 000 ( 3次) 150令吉, 000

    4 。 10万林吉特以下的新的商业

    • 8类型的服务行业的资格。
      • 施工。
      • 商业和专业服务。
      • 教育。
      • 物流。
      • 信息和通信技术( ICT ) 。
      • 批发零售业。
      • 医疗保健。
      • 旅游。  
    • 任何类型的中小型企业/中小型工业制造合格。
    • 下载表格(待定) 。
    • 这项资助计划是用于商业运作少于12个月。
      • 制备的商业计划。
      • 编制营销计划。
      • 市场可行性研究。
      • 出租业务的前提和相关设备至24个月。
      • 开发原型/秒(适用于建筑及相关活动的唯一) 。
      • 购买机械或办公设备。
      • 一年的宽带月租费(用于信息和通信技术部门)

    5 。 RM250 , 000的ISO项目

    • 所有合格的中小型企业/参麦注射液可申请
    • 下载表格(待定)

    6 。 200令吉, 000购买新生产设备

    7 。令吉, 000的工艺改进

    8 。 200令吉, 000的包装机及改进

    • 所有合格的中小型企业/参麦注射液可申请
    • 见清单- Checklist_Grants.pdf
    • 下载表格(待定)

    9 。 RM2.5和RM1.0万美元用于生物技术项目

    10 。 RM17 , 500 - RM22 , 000知识产权( IP )保护赠款

    知识产权( IP )的保护是必不可少的了贵公司的增长。马来西亚政府的目标是协助您进行正确的资金,以帮助您保护和利用了贵公司的知识资产。

    • A类:对申请注册的专利或者实用创新( RM22 , 000最高) 。
    • B类:对申请注册的商标,服务商标或工业设计( RM17 , 500最高) 。

    11 。 150令吉, 000的发展和促进清真产品


    � 本地注册公司至少60 %的股权由马来西亚人
    � 绝不能在任何股票交易所上市
    � 拥有有效的前提许可证

    � 制造
    � 制造业相关服务(如仓储,批量打破和包装)

    给予援助的形式,资助学校50 %的情况下核准的项目成本是由政府承担,其余由申请人。为企业在制造业部门* ,注册的商业登记条例1956年,援助是高达80 %的核定成本。该补助金最高限额分配每申请150令吉, 000


    � 产品开发及产品配方
    � 抽验
    � 购置机器及设备有关的核准的项目
    � 改造支出符合认证要求
    � 其他有关费用符合要求的清真认证。
    � 促销活动