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2. Food Safety

21 September 2009 - 16 October 2009


  • To provide awareness, information and training to the relevant governmental officials and economic operators regarding the new principles and requirements related to food safety, international trade in food and agricultural products embedded in the WTO agreements and best practices.
  • The programme aims at supporting the participants and their institutions, companies and countries in addressing identified issues and problems at home base through project works to be done by the participants supported by programme consultants.
  • Finally the programme will provide for updating and support regarding issues addressed in the projects works done by the participants through a follow-up seminar that will he conducted in one of the participating countries.

The programme aims to provide participants with general understanding of:
* The WTO-Agreement on the Application of Sanitary and Phytosaniatry measures (SPS).
* International trade based on the WTO-TBT agreement.
* Food legislation and enforcement
* Principles and concepts covering food safety, animal health and plant health
* Risk analysis.
* European Union food safety systems
* International standardisation work in the food area
* Codex Alimentarius I.A.H.O., I.P.P.C.
* Food labelling
* The concept of quality
* HACCP training
* Accreditation.
* Laboratory testing
* Quality Infrastructure development for food safety

Target Group
The programme is intended first and foremost for all stakeholders related to food safety and regulatory and quality infrastructure for food safety and quality. Participants will come from ministries dealing with aspects of food safety, animal and plant health, industry and commerce, food conformity assessment bodies and from those concerned with the economic aspects, such as industry and trade.

The participants shall be obliged to participate in all components of the programme, the initial training course of four weeks, the project work period of six months and the follow-up workshop of one week's duration. Women are encouraged to apply.


2009年9月21日- 2009年10月16号


  • 提供宣传,信息和培训的有关政府官员和经济方面的新的经营原则和要求,有关粮食安全,国际贸易的食品和农产品中嵌入世贸组织协定和最佳做法。
  • 该方案旨在支持参与者和他们的机构,公司和国家在处理已经确定的问题和困难家庭的基础,通过项目工程要做的与会者支持方案的顾问。
  • 最后的方案将提供更新和支持有关问题的项目进行工作的与会者通过的一项后续行动研讨会,他将进行一个参与国。

* 世界贸易组织协定中的应用卫生和Phytosaniatry措施(检疫) 。
* 国际贸易为基础的世界贸易组织技术性贸易壁垒协议。
* 食品立法和执法
* 原则和概念涵盖食品安全,动物健康和植物健康
* 风险分析。
* 欧洲联盟食品安全系统
* 国际标准化工作,在食品领域
* 食品法典I.A.H.O. , I.P.P.C.
* 食品标签
* 质量的概念
* HACCP认证培训
* 认可。
* 实验室测试
* 高质量的基础设施发展对食品安全