Grants (Malaysia and Singapore)

Grants are not Loans!

3* Singapore Grants

What are the various Singapore Grants?

A. S$5,000 maximum for ISO Projects

B. All the GRANTS that You Need to Know!

[] 1 Advanced Management Programme (AMP)
Builds management capabilities of SMEs leaders through postgraduate and executive development courses.

[] 2 Bridging Loan Programme (BLP)
Get loans up to S$5 million in working capital to fund your daily operations.

[] 3 Business Angels Scheme (BAS)
Raise funds for your start-up. For every S$1 invested by Business Angel Funds, SPRING SEEDS Capital will invest S$2. The maximum investment by SPRING SEEDS Capital is S$1.5 million.

[] 4 Design Engage Programme
Do you want to build up your company�s design capabilities? Get a grant to develop and integrate design strategies into your business processes.

[] 5 Enterprise Investment Incentive (EII) Scheme
Attract more investors for your start-up business by giving them tax breaks for any investment losses.

[] 6 Environmental Technology Capability Development Programme (EnviroTech CDP)
SPRING Singapore has set aside S$6 million under this programme to increase the capabilities of environmental technology businesses.

[] 7 Financial Facilitator Programme (FFP)
Get professional advice on financing strategies and loan applications for Government financing schemes.

[] 8 Food Safety Programme
Funds for F&B businesses to implement international food safety standards.

[] 9 Goods and Services Tax (GST) Assistance Scheme
Get a grant to lower the cost of setting up a GST-compliant accounting IT system when becoming a GST-registered trader. GST traders can collect GST and claim back for GST paid to suppliers.

[] 10 Heartland Retail Programme
Are you a merchant association who wants to improve or upgrade your neighbourhood's retail environment? Get a grant to fund your project.

[] 11 Incubator Development Programme (IDP)
Helps incubators and venture accelerators to enhance their programmes and services to nurture innovative start-ups.

[] 12 Innovation Voucher Scheme (IVS)
Apply for an innovation voucher worth S$5,000 to pay for consultancy and technology services at participating knowledge institutions (KIs).

[] 13 Intellectual Property Management (IPM)
Get a grant to develop a strategy to create, own, protect and exploit your intellectual property.

[] 14 Loan Insurance Scheme (LIS)
Secure loans by getting them insured against default. The Government will subsidise 90% of the insurance premium.

[] 15 Local Enterprise and Association Development Programme (LEAD)
Industry associations can now get a grant to take the lead in envisioning and shaping their industry.

[] 16 Local Enterprise Finance Scheme (LEFS)
Strengthen, upgrade and expand your business with the help of a loan.

[] 17 Local Enterprise Technical Assistance Scheme (LETAS)
Get a grant to hire external experts to improve your management and operations.

[] 18 Management Development Scholarship (MDS)
Want to groom promising young managers in your company or attract new talent? Get partial scholarships for them to attend graduate business programmes at local universities.

[] 19 Micro Loan Programme
Very small businesses can get fixed interest rate loans of up to S$100,000.

[] 20 REACH Registration Assistance Pilot Scheme
Do you export chemicals to European Union? Get a grant to engage consultants to help you with the registration of chemicals exported to the EU.

[] 21 SME Management Action for Results (SMART) Initiative
Get a grant to develop business systems and processes for business excellence.

[] 22 Startup Enterprise Development Scheme (SEEDS)
Raise funds for your start-up. For every S$1 an investor puts into your business, SPRING SEEDS Capital Pte Ltd will invest S$2. The maximum investment by SPRING SEEDS Capital is S$1 million.

[] 23 Technology Enterprise Commercialisation Scheme (TECS)
Get a grant to develop your technology ideas at conceptualisation stage to trial test your prototype.

[] 24 Technology Innovation Programme - Centres Of Innovation
Get access to ready resources in the one-stop centres which provide facilities, technology consultancy and advice.

[] 25 Technology Innovation Programme (TIP) - Experts
Get a grant to hire technical experts from leading local and overseas R&D institutions.

[] 26 Technology Innovation Programme (TIP) - Projects
Get a grant for technology innovation projects that lead to new products or processes for your business.

[] 27 Young Entrepreneurs Scheme for Startups (YES! Startups)
Are you a young entrepreneur with innovative ideas? Get a grant of up to S$50,000 to turn it into a business.