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4* 5S 管理


1S "整理" 是要區分要用與不要用的物料,把不要用的物料清除。
2S "整頓" 是要所有的物品必須實行定擺放整齊有序 , 並進行必要的標識。
3S "清掃" 是務必使工作環境及設備、儀器、材料等始終保持清潔的狀態。
4S "清潔" 是將實施制度法,貫徹執行。
5S "素養" 是樹立及維持5S文化。




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5S Management

5S Management

5S management originated in Japan, a relatively good quality management practices. Aim is for staff to build a clean, tidy and comfortable workplace.

  1. 1S - "SEIRI": is to distinguish between use and do not use the materials, the removal of materials not used.
  2. 2S - "SEITON": is to all of the items will be placed must be orderly, and the necessary identification.
  3. 3S - "SEISO": is to ensure that the working environment and equipment, instruments, materials, etc. The state is always kept clean.
  4. 4S - "SEIKETSU": is a system of law will be implemented in practice.
  5. 5S - "SHISHUKE": is to establish and maintain 5S culture.

  • Strengthen management, improve efficiency
  • Suitable for any product category and the company of any size