Grants (Malaysia and Singapore)

Grants are not Loans!

B. RM1.2 Million for IT R&D

The Malaysia Goverment will provide a non-repayable (Free/ FOC) grant of up to 50% (or up to RM1.2 million) of the approved total project cost to develop your company`s R&D programmes.


  • Encourage and establish vibrant research and development activities by local companies leading to innovative ICT/multimedia products that possess significant commercial potential.
  • Increase the creation of Intellectual Property (IP) that enables companies to compete globally.
  • Strengthen the R&D capabilities of Malaysian knowledge workers.
  1. Ask for R&D Grant Scheme application Criteria.
  2. Ask for R&D Grant Scheme application Guidelines.

B. 湾室120万的IT研发 

马来西亚政府将提供无偿(免费/福州)补助高达50 % (或至多RM1.2万美元)的核准项目总成本制定了贵公司的研发方案。


  • 鼓励并建立充满活力的研究和开发活动由当地公司信息和通信技术的领先创新/多媒体产品拥有巨大的商业潜力。
  • 增加设立知识产权( IP ) ,使公司的全球竞争。
  • 加强研发能力的马来西亚知识工作者。
  1. 要求研发资助计划的申请资格。
  2. 卖出的R & D资助计划申请指引。