Grants (Malaysia and Singapore)

Grants are not Loans!

D. Branding


The objective of the Branding is to develop and promote in the international market, brand names owned by Malaysian companies for products and services originating from Malaysia.

Selection Of Brand

The Branding Grant will only be granted to eligible brands identified to be assisted by the Approval Committee. Evaluation of brands to be selected for the grant will be based on several considerations including:-

    Branding strategy and Plan.
    Business and Marketing Plan.
    Resources invested by the company on branding and its commitment to the branding programme.
    Activities undertaken to promote the brand.
    Trend in overall sales and exports over past 3 years.
    Market share both local and overseas.
    Potential for the brand to further expand in the international market.
    How the brand will help project Malaysia's image as supplier of quality products and services.

Form Of Grant

Companies can apply for either one of the following forms of grant:-

    A 100% reimbursable grant for the development and promotion of brand subject to maximum grant of RM 1 million. Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises are eligible to apply for the 100% reimbursable grant.

    For the 100% reimbursable grant, only up to a maximum 10% of total grant approved will be disbursed in the form of "advance payment" , while the remaining 90% of grant approved will be disbursed as 100% reimbursable grant . Advance payment will be considered for activities approved in the Branding Plan subject to relevant documentary evidence of the activities to be undertaken by company.
    A 50% reimbursable grant for non-SMEs subject to maximum grant of RM 2 million.

To encourage companies to promote the brand overseas, not more than 10% of the total grant approved should be spent on promotion of the brand in the domestic market.

Eligible Criteria

To be eligible for the grant companies must fulfill the following conditions:-

    Incorporated under the Companies Act 1965.
    At least 60% equity is owned by Malaysians.
    Company owns the brand and is the registered approved owner of the trademark registered in any country and has rights to it.
    Annual sales turnover of not more than RM 250 million (based on the latest financial report).
    For 100% reimbursable grant:-
    • manufacturing company's - annual sales turnover must not exceed RM25 million or with not more than 150 full time employees.
    • services sectors enterprises - annual sales turnover not exceeding RM 5 million or with full time employees not exceeding 50.
    Product/services are already exported with least 20% of the sales from export.
    For companies that do not meet the 20% export condition, the application may be considered based on the export potential and commitment of the company to develop the brand into an international brand. Factors to be considered:-
    • Resources invested on branding and company's commitment to the branding programme.
    • Promotion programmes and activities undertaken by company to promote brand.
    • Indication of market penetration and consumer acceptance (e.g. share of market) both local and overseas.
    • Trend in overall sales and export growth.
    • Awards and recognitions received.
    • International quality certifications obtained such as HACCP, ISO or Quality Improvement Programme, GMP or approved the use of the 'Malaysia's Best' quality seal.
    Products/services should originate from Malaysia. For products manufactured offshore , the brand can be considered if the company undertakes value added activities in Malaysia such as research and development, designing, packaging, marketing, distribution and invoicing.

Branding & Marketing Plans

Companies interested in applying for the grant must submit the following document and information:-

(a) Comprehensive proposal for the development and promotion of the brand including:-

  • Background of the brand, the brand concept, its values, current market position.
  • Measures already undertaken to develop and promote brand.
  • Detailed costing on the activities for which the grant is required.
  • Detailed schedules of implementation of branding activities to be undertaken
  • Proposed performance report on the implementation of the branding activities including milestones and key performance indicators.
  • How the brand will benefit the company and country's image.
  • Resources allocated to the brand development and promotion strategy.
  • Key Performance Indicators to measure the brand performance based on intended marketing strategies.

b) Business and Marketing Plans for 2 years outlining:-

  • Target markets.
  • Marketing strategies to penetrate the target markets.
  • Brand Communication Plan.
  • Allocation of company's financial resources to implement the plans.
  • Current and projected sales both locally and overseas of the brand.

c) Corporate profile, organisational structure, profile of management and branding team.

Eligible Expenses

The grant will cover the cost of developing and promoting only one brand per company. Companies can apply for the grant for the following expenses involved in brand development and promotion:-

    • Brand Strategy, creation and development
    • Marketing strategy and implementation
    • Media Strategy
    • Brand Communication Strategy
    • Brand Management System
    • Brand Manual & Information System
    • Logo design and redesign
    • Product design and redesign
    • Packaging design and redesign
    • Intellectual property matters, including registration and trademark works.
      (not including renewal of trademark and patent)
    • Customer relationship management system to monitor brand
    • Advertising and Promotion (maximum 50% of grant)
    • Enhancement of Brand Website (maximum grant RM50,000)
    • Brand Audit/Valuation
    • Research
    • Brand Tracking

    Branding/Marketing Strategy Consultancy (not more than 10% of grant):

    Brand Development:

    Brand Promotion:

    Brand Market Research/Service:

Note:- Expenses listed are only a guide. Not all activities may be relevant to the company. Companies should apply for the grant only for expenses relevant to the branding plan.

Application Procedure

Companies are encouraged to apply for the grant at least three months before undertaking the activity for which the grant is required. Grant approved is based on the projected spending over the next 2 years.

Application for the grant is made using the application form.

All supporting documents that companies must provide when applying for the grant are described in the Branding application form and the checklist attached to the form. Companies are advised to submit all the relevant documents when applying for the Branding Grant.

Companies are required to submit all claims for the grant within 3 months of undertaking the activity. Claims must be accompanied with original receipts and invoices or copies certified by external auditors with relevant supporting documentary evidence related to the implementation of the activities concerned or work undertaken for making claims.

Contractual Obligation And Reporting

Companies approved the grant will be required to:-

  • Sign a Letter of Acceptance with the Malaysian Government Agency (MGA) indicating that if the company fails to fulfill its obligation in implementing the branding plan, the Malaysian Government Agency (MGA) has the right to cancel the approval of the branding grant and seek reimbursement of the grant already disbursed.
  • Submit quarterly based on the format provided or progress report based on the implementation milestone (whichever is earlier) of the activities implemented for which the grant is disbursed.

Application for the grant is made using the application form.

D. 品牌


品牌格兰特将只授予符合条件的品牌鉴定为协助委员会的批准。评价品牌被选中的赠款将基于几个因素,包括: -


公司可以申请任何一个下列形式的补助金: -

• 100 %的无偿赠款用于发展和促进品牌受补助金的最高限额室100万美元。小型和中小型企业有资格申请的100 %报销补助金。

100 %无偿赠款,只有最多不超过10 %批出的总额将支付的形式, “预付款” ,而其余90 %的补助金批准将支付100 %的无偿资助。预先付款将被视为批准的活动的品牌计划的有关文件证据将要开展的活动的公司。
• 50 %的无偿资助非中小企业受补助金的最高限额室200万美元。

鼓励公司,以促进该品牌在海外,不超过总数的10 %批出应该用于促进该品牌在国内市场。

为了有资格获得补助金的公司必须符合下列条件: -

•至少有60 %的股权属于马来西亚。
•年销售额不超过室2.5亿美元(根据最新的财务报告) 。
• 100 %报销补助金: -
服务部门的企业-年销售额不超过5百万室或全职雇员不超过50 。
•产品/服务已出口至少有20 %的销售额来自出口。
•对于公司不符合20 %的出口关税的条件下,可考虑应用的基础上的出口潜力和承诺,公司的品牌发展成为一个国际品牌。要考虑的因素: -
获得国际质量体系认证,如HACCP认证, ISO或质量改进方案,国家GMP或核准使用的'马来西亚的最好'的质量印章。

公司在申请资助,必须提交下列文件和资料: -

a )全面建议开发和推广的品牌包括: -

b )企业与市场营销计划,为2年,概述: -

c )公司简介,组织结构,形象和品牌管理团队。


这笔赠款将用于开发和推广只有一个品牌每家公司。公司可以申请赠款用于下列开支参与品牌开发和推广: - 
  • 品牌战略,建立和发展
  • 营销战略和执行
  • 媒体战略
  • 品牌传播策略
  • 品牌管理系统
  • 品牌手册及信息系统
  • 标志设计和重新设计
  • 产品设计和重新设计
  • 包装设计和重新设计
  • 知识产权问题,包括注册和商标工作。
  • (不包括续期的商标和专利)
  • 客户关系管理系统,以监测品牌
  • 广告和促销(最高50 %的补助金)
  • 加强品牌网站(补助金最高限额50令吉, 000 )
  • 品牌审计/评估
  • 研究
  • 品牌跟踪

品牌/营销策略顾问公司(不超过10 %的补助金) :




注: -费用只列出的指南。并非所有的活动可能是相关公司。公司应申请的补助金只用于有关的费用的品牌计划。







公司同意批将被要求: -

签署一份录取通知书与马来西亚政府机构(垂询MGA )指出,如果该公司未能履行在执行品牌计划,马来西亚政府机构(垂询MGA )有权取消批准的品牌和寻求补偿补助金补助金已经支付。