Grants (Malaysia and Singapore)

Grants are not Loans!

H. RM2.5 Million Biotechnology Fund

 The objectives are:-
i. To fund seed or start-up costs in setting up biotechnology companies.
ii. To assist towards the development and commercialisation of biotechnology projects and R&D findings of priority and core areas, in particular projects and findings that are central to achieving the objectives of the National Policy.
B. Who Should Apply?
i. Individuals and researchers who are in the early stage of setting up companies (approval is subject to the company being granted the Biotechnology Status); and
ii. Start-up companies.
C. Eligibility Criteria
To apply for the Fund, applicants must meet the following criteria:
i. Biotechnology Status companies;
ii. Within Biotechnology's Focus Areas ;
iii.Majority owned Malaysian companies;
iv. The applicant must have ownership of, or beneficial use of, any intellectual property necessary to commercialise the innovation;
v.The innovation has commercial potential; and
vi.The majority of the applicant's business activities, employees or assets must be within Malaysia or transferred to Malaysia within reasonable period.
D.When to Apply?
Applications should only be submitted once applicants have a viable and proven concept that is within Malaysia's Biotechnology Focus Areas for development and commercialisation.
E.Quantum and Mode of Funding
The maximum funding per company is RM2.5 million. The grant shall be disbursed based on approved budget and made out at the beginning of each agreed milestones. The grant shall be utilized within 2 years from the date of approval.
F.Expenditure Covered By Fund
The funding shall cover expenditure relating to the setting up of a biotechnology company which includes:
i. Recruitment of interim professional management;
ii. Initial market development efforts;
iii. IP filing and registration;
iv. Market and feasibility studies;
v. Preparation of further investment documentations;
vi.Malaysian compliance and regulatory costs;
vii. Prototyping costs
G. How to Apply?
Applicants shall submit the following:-
Duly completed Fund Application Form
Detailed project proposal or business plan
CV of key management team
Copies of Form 9, Form 24, Form 49, Form 44
Certificate of Charter/Statute or Memorandum & Article of Association or a similar instrument defining its constitution
Corporate investor audited accounts (if any)
Audited financial statement or latest management account statement