Grants (Malaysia and Singapore)

Grants are not Loans!

I. RM1.0 Million Biotechnology R&D Fund

 The objective is to provide matching fund for R&D projects which can develop new or improved products and/or processes and/or technologies and lead to further development and commercialisation within the Malaysia’s Biotechnology Focus Areas.
B. Who Should Apply? 
Biotechnology Status companies that are involved in Malaysia’s Biotechnology Focus Areas.
C. Eligibility Criteria
To be eligible to apply for the Fund, applicants must meet the following conditions:-
i. Biotechnology Status companies;
ii. Within Biotechnology's Focus Areas;
iii.Majority owned Malaysian companies;
iv. The applicant must have ownership of, or beneficial use of, any intellectual property necessary to commercialise the innovation;
v.The innovation has commercial potential;
vi.The majority of the applicant’s business activities, employees or assets must be within Malaysia or transferred to Malaysia within reasonable period; and
vii.The company should have an appropriate research team who is led by qualified technical personnel.
D.When to Apply?
Applications should only be submitted once applicants have a proven concept of R&D that is within Malaysia’s Biotechnology Focus Areas for development and commercialisation.
E.Quantum and Mode of Funding
The maximum funding per project is RM1.0 million. The grant is a matching grant, hence, Biotechnology Agency would match “dollar-for-dollar” spent on the project up to the approved grant and based on the agreed milestones.

The grant shall be made out on a reimbursement basis i.e. Biotechnology Agency shall reimburse its share of the approved cost upon payments made by the applicant. However, for large expense items such as equipment, advance matching payment may be considered i.e. Biotechnology Agency shall pay its share of the approved cost upon proof of commitment e.g. contract or purchase order.

The grant shall be utilized within 2 years from the date of approval.

F.Expenditure Covered By R&D Matching Fund
The funding shall cover expenditure incurred on a particular research project, for the purpose of promoting it. This includes:-
i. The provision of sites or premises (including the acquisition of land), the construction and adaptation of buildings, and the provision of services and other works;
ii. The provision of plants, machinery, equipment and materials;
iii. The payment of fees or other remuneration to technical advisers consulted in connection with the project;
iv. Salary and wages of contract researchers directly involved in the project;
v. The travel and subsistence expenses of persons engaged in the project or in identifying products or process development prospects within the industrial undertaking;
vi.Overhead charges associated with the project concerned.
G. How to Apply?
Applicants shall submit the following:-
Duly completed R&D Matching Fund Application Form
R&D project plan
CV of key management team
CV of key R&D team members involved in the project
Copies of Form 9, Form 24, Form 49, Form 44
Certificate of Charter/Statute or Memorandum & Article of Association or a similar instrument defining its constitution
Corporate investor audited accounts (if any)
Audited financial statement or latest management account statement