Grants (Malaysia and Singapore)

Grants are not Loans!

J. RM50,000 (3 Times) RM150,000 for many Ideas

  • Funding for many Ideas.
  • How is CIP different from a loan? The Funding is a conditional grant. This means that if you successfully complete your project, as per your contract deliverables and timelines, you are not obligated to repay anything. The grant funding is an incentive from the Government to help you.

(A). This Funding is different from other grants as the investment focus is in diverse areas of ICT, non-ICT and high-growth technology industries, which includes:

  • Software and information services,
  • Internet (e-services, e-commerce and e-content),
  • Communication and networking,
  • High-tech consumer and business products,
  • Electronic and semi-conductors,
  • Medical devices and advance material,
  • Biotechnology and life sciences,
  • Environmental resources management and renewable energy, and
  • Technology innovation created for any industry (subject to the Funding Committee discretion).

(B). The Fund have expanded the categories of funded areas so that you will be able to get all the help you need to develop your innovative ideas. These categories include:

  • Development of prototype;
  • Proofs of concept;
  • Business plans;
  • Purchase of market feasibility research;
  • IP (Intellectual Property) search and registration;
  • Surveys on concrete statistical data;
  • Product sampling expenses

(C). With the Funding, you get more than prototype funding. You also get value-added services that will help nurture, develop and prepare you as successful innovators and entrepreneurs, such as:

  • Monitoring of the idea development;
  • Mentors
  • Further funding and market access support;
  • Coaching;
  • Networking opportunities;
  • Product and idea refinement;
  • Financial training; and
  • Others.

J. 50令吉,000 ( 3次) 150令吉, 000的许多想法

  • 资金许多想法。
  • 如何督察不同于贷款?该资金属于有条件的补助金。这意味着,如果你成功地完成您的项目,按合同交货和时间表,你没有义务偿还什么。赠款资金是由政府奖励,以帮助您。

    (a) 。这笔资金是有别于其他补助金作为投资的重点是在不同领域的信息和通信技术,非信息和通信技术,高增长的高科技产业,其中包括:

    • 软件和信息服务,
    • 互联网(电子商务服务,电子商务和电子内容),
    • 通信和网络联系,
    • 高科技消费和商业产品,
    • 电子和半导体,
    • 医疗设备和推动材料,
    • 生物技术和生命科学,
    • 环境资源管理和可再生能源,以及
    • 技术创新为任何行业(受资助委员会的自由裁量权) 。

    (b) 。该基金也扩大了各类资金短缺的领域,这样您将能够获得所有需要的帮助您制定您的创新意念。这些类别包括:

    • 开发原型;
    • 证据的概念;
    • 业务计划;
    • 购买市场可行性研究;
    • IP (知识产权)搜索和注册;
    • 调查的具体统计数据;
    • 产品抽样费用 

    ( c )项。的资金,您可以超过原型资金。您还可以增值服务,这将有助于培育,开发和编写您的成功的创新者和企业家,如:

    • 监测的想法发展;
    • 导师
    • 更多的资金和市场准入的支持;
    • 辅导;
    • 建立联系的机会;
    • 完善的产品和理念;
    • 财务培训;和
    • 其他。